Welcome to Star Signature Essences and the Sun Sign Essences

Our Sun Sign Essences were inspired by the vision that people could help themselves in discovering greater well-being, self-knowledge and an improved connection with the uplifting and healing energies of nature.

Nature’s energies have been captured for centuries in different forms. Now the essences of flowers, locations and animals are becoming a well accepted concept. 

Star Signature’s Sun Sign Essences have been created with earth vibrations and lunar energies, a powerful combination which have the potential to encourage deep changes and healing on the mental and emotional level. 

Each person has a path and purpose on Earth. Your path is shown through your Sun Sign. 
We need to grow into the positive qualities of our Sun Sign in order for our Spirit to grow. 
Our Sun Sign energy corresponds to the heart and the heart is the key to an inspired, happy, loving, joyful and healthy life.

Through our connection with Nature, 
Man has never failed to be lifted, healed and inspired. 
Walking the land and reconnecting with nature
cannot be substituted for anything as magnificent...


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