Welcome to Star Signature Essences and the Sun Sign Essences

The Sun Sign Essences help to strengthen and balance the positive qualities of your Sun Sign or Star Sign which determines your inner will and path.

In esoteric astrology, the Sun Sign under which one is born, is the guiding key to find fulfilment and purpose. The Sun is the guiding light, both in the physical world and also in astrology. The heart is governed by the Sun. The Sun is the centre of our universe, and the heart is the centre of our body. It is through this heart energy that one finds strength and purpose. An open heart is the key to health and happiness and awareness (an open heart chakra is the the key to draw in energy into the higher chakras).
In this age when so many people feel lost and without purpose, the Sun Sign Essence will help to strengthen on a mental level in line with their purpose.

Your Sun Sign embodies your character and your strengths - who you are deep inside. 
Your particular Soul path or goal is inherent in the characteristics of your Sun Sign. 

21/3 - 20/4

Initiating, courageous, dynamic, leading, assertive, energetic, focussed. independent, active.

To inspire others and initiate


Pioneer, assertive

21/4 - 21/5

Persevering, stable, practical, prosperous, grounded, patient, dependable.

To know you are secure, consolidating


Practical, sensual

22/5 - 21/6

Communicative, alert, sociable, mentally active, flexible & adaptable.

To communicate information gathered


Congenial, quickwitted

22/6 - 22/7

Nurturing, gentle, feeling,     instinctive, contemplative,    Intuitive.

To know your feelings


Intuitive, maternal

23/7 - 22/8

Generous, caring, active,       hospitable, creative, warm, open-hearted .

To love unconditionally


Dramatic, generous

22/8 - 23/9

Analytical, intelligent, helpful, dutiful, conscientious,   refining self, modest.

To refine self for service


Discriminating, methodical

24/9 - 23/10


Just, sociable, diplomatic,       refined, seeking balance, fair, kind, respectful.

To balance opposites within, find the centre


Artistic, diplomatic

24/10 - 22/11

Perceptive, provocative,         determined, probing, focussed, truthful.

To refine desire


Investigative, aware

23/11 - 22/12

Adventurous, enthusiastic,    honest, optimistic, intuitive, questing, truth-seeking.

To search for meaning and    purpose


Philosophical, broad-minded

23/12 - 20/1

Disciplined, wise, prudent,     constant, ambitious, realistic, responsible.

To aspire to build and         construct


Cautious, hardworking

21/1 - 19/2

Inventive, reforming, visionary, humanitarian, idealistic,       original,      intellectual.

To find significance


Individualistic, altruistic

20/2 - 20/3

Intuitive, humane, artistic,       forgiving, perceptive, giving, selfless, visionary.

To aspire to a higher vision


Sacrificing, introspective

How are they made
These sun sign essences are not made with flowers as is usual, but they are made with the forces and energies of nature that we are all subjected to; earth vibrations and lunar energies.

How to use them
Take 7 drops in water twice daily. The essences are made with the stock essence so are concentrated. They contain 50% spring water and 50% brandy for preservation. Dilute 7 drops in a little water. They can be sipped throughout the day if needed. They can also be rubbed onto the skin or misted in the air.

What to expect
Changes are on a mental level mainly. Although we notice our emotions foremost, our mental state is deeper and less accessible. You may notice that you feel more integrated and more whole, as well as experiencing different thinking patterns or improved drives and inspirations.